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Homestead Exemptions

A Homestead Exemption is an easy way to lower your property taxes. 

Property taxes are local taxes that are imposed on the appraised value of your home. By having a Homestead Exemption, you are declaring that this property is your primary residence and therefore a certain dollar amount or percentage of your appraised value will be exempted from property taxes.

When you purchase a home that will be your primary residence, you can claim your homestead exemption on the first year you have lived at the house on January 1st. Most people do this in early January. Each county has a different deadline for filing your exemption (most counties have an April deadline). We urge you to read about this further in your county's appraisal district website.

For your benefit, we have compiled step-by step guides for filing homestead exemptions in certain counties.

Collin County

Dallas County

Ellis Country.

Tarrant County

Rockwall County

Kaufman County

Van Zandt County

Don't see your County listed? Email us, or call/text and we will send you the information for your specific county.

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