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Homestead Exemption

Kaufman County

Steps for filing your Homestead Exemption in Kaufman County

Filing for a homestead exemption is a great way to save some money on property taxes. You only have to file this form one time after you purchase a house. We hope this can be of some help for you.


Visit the Kaufman Appraisal District website:

Fill out the required information on the form.


Sign in or register to fill out the form.

Remember, filing for your Homestead Exemption will save you money on property taxes.


Here’s Kaufman County’s Central Appraisal District’s physical address:
(972) 932-6081(972) 932-4749
PO Box 819
Kaufman, TX 75142
3950 S Houston St.
Kaufman, TX 75142-3718

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