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Pirates Stagnettis Revenge Movie Free Download




Pirates Stagnetti Revenge Movie | 88m | Adventure, Comedy, Historical | 11 Feb 1997 A mysterious pirate ship bearing a treasure map and the name Rangimira in the place of the usual port letters is sighted in the dead of night near the young and unprepared kingdom of Nogour. Believing that the ship is the one that had sunk a year ago, its occupants are taken hostage. But the pirates are by no means the only enemies the kingdom has to fear, for their captain has sworn revenge. In the end, the captain, who is known as Rangimira the Spy, is captured, although he has been able to send a warning to the king. Abd al-Karim Bay'awi (Adham Husseini), Shaheen Sabbagh and Haya Tawil have acted in four films. Shaheen Sabbagh was a famous playwright and composer in Egypt and later an internationally renowned film director. The film was made by the famous "Subway" company, directed by Hany Abu-Assad, and starring Adham Husseini. Plot Set in a foreign land, Adham plays the role of the captain of a ship of sea pirates who have come to the kingdom of Nogour on the sea coast. Nogour is a young and unprepared kingdom where the King has never set foot on land. They have no one to look after their kingdom, except for the Great Grandmother (Rakiat al-Maghzan) who lives with them. The Great Grandmother is nearly blind, and she is in love with the Prince, who is one of the few people who are aware of the presence of the pirates and their ship. But the Grandmother is afraid to leave the ship for fear of the pirates, so she entrusts the kingdom to her great grand-daughter, who is a naive young girl who is unaware of the danger they are in. The pirates leave and approach the seashore. While on a journey to the sea, Adham and his men arrive in the port of Nogour. They take the map they have brought from the ship and put the correct port letters in place. They tell the Mayor of Nogour that they are looking for King Rangimira and his great grandson, and that they will return to their ship after five days. They are staying in a different hotel to the one the Grandmother is staying at. They stay in the



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Pirates Stagnettis Revenge Movie Free Download

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